Packaging and Fulfillment

Complete Assembly, Packing, and Shipping betway体育精装版下载

Few companies offer the comprehensive packaging and fulfillment services combined with sustainability practices and social impact offered by PRIDE Industries. For more than five decades, we’ve provided quality packaging, streamlined fulfillment, and on-time distribution to corporations and government entities alike. Plus, our unique social marketing benefits provide an advantage over your competitors.

Customer-第一个 Service

No two companies have the same requirements. Let’s create a turnkey kitting and fulfillment plan to fit your specific packaging and distribution needs.

Has a sudden surge in demand overwhelmed your operational resources? We can meet your deadlines so you don’t lose customers due to shipping delays. Or perhaps you’re looking for a single-source supplier for consistency across product lines, with predictable kitting, distribution, and tracking.

Our contract packaging and kitting services are backed by award-winning capabilities in technology, quality management, supply chain, and logistics, including dedicated project support. Whatever the project, we can design a program that will get your product to market seamlessly and reliably.

Flexible, Professional Management

Whether we are co-packing food items for club warehouses, kitting hardware installation packets for high-tech companies, or assembling maintenance kits for the medical device industry, we provide every customer the same high-quality work, excellent customer service, and attention to detail. Our professional account managers are flexible and responsive to short lead times and the changing needs of your business.

PRIDE Industries provides complete packaging, warehousing, distribution, and tracking solutions to the following industries: high-tech, healthcare, consumer goods, government, 零售, food and beverage, and hospitality.

FDA Food-Site Registered

CA Organic Processed Food Licensed

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Food Licensed

Emergency PPE Packaging and Fulfillment for the CMA

In the early days of the pandemic, small and mid-sized California medical practices were in crisis. Given massive demand and supply limitations, they struggled to purchase enough PPE to remain in operation. Closure of these medical offices would have been disastrous for patients up and down the state.

That’s when the California Medical Association and California’s Office of Emergency betway体育精装版下载 took action. They leveraged their buying power to secure large quantities of PPE and put their trust in PRIDE Industries to urgently assemble and distribute the supplies to medical practices across the state.

Order Fulfillment and Packaging betway体育精装版下载

PRIDE Industries offers full turnkey services for kitting and 组装, primary and secondary packaging, order processing and fulfillment, and back-end warehousing.

Product Assembly and Kitting betway体育精装版下载

Our stringent protocols enable us to assemble even the most sensitive products quickly and without error. And we can kit your goods to stock or on demand, saving valuable inventory space.

Order Fulfillment and Tracking

We fulfill most orders the day they’re received and make it easy for you to track products through kitting and shipping to end-user delivery.

Product Sourcing and Vendor Management

Tap into our vast network of suppliers to get access to high-quality components at competitive prices.

Warehouse and Logistics

Both individual components and finished products are carefully tracked in our warehouses, ensuring a smooth flow from receiving through manufacturing, 组装, and final delivery.

Pick, Pack, and Ship betway体育精装版下载

We can seamlessly prepare and ship to individual customers, 零售 distribution centers, or directly to big-box stores around the globe.

Forecasting and Demand Planning

Our flexible production scheduling processes are ideal for supporting seasonal and peak-volume demand to avoid lost sales due to shortages or paying for stock you don’t need.

Quality and Regulatory Management

Our engineers can adjust product prototypes to simplify manufacturing and avoid material bottlenecks. And we test both products and packaging to make sure your products are received in pristine condition.

Customer Service Support

Need to modify your product’s design? Change the contents of a package? Issue a new SKU? Whatever you need, our dedicated customer service representative will make sure it happens quickly and easily.

Inventory Management Systems

Our comprehensive lot and batch tracking avoids product and component shortages and makes return management easy.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Circular-economy principles are the bedrock of our manufacturing processes, allowing us to provide fully sustainable products and solutions to our customers. Our supply-chain services have been rigorously crafted to eliminate waste, pollution, and redundancy, and we support the screening, 重用, 修复, and remanufacturing of materials. Our partner network of certified recyclers maximizes the recovery of useful material and ensures proper waste disposal.

PRIDE Industries sustainable efforts logo
PRIDE Industries logo with the words "Assembled with PRIDE, People with Disabilities"

Social Marketing

Few other businesses offer the unique social marketing advantages afforded by a PRIDE Industries partnership. Working together, we provide a positive social impact that may enhance your supply chain diversity, attract social impact (ESG) investors, and appeal to socially conscious consumers and employees. Let’s work together to promote your PRIDE Industries partnership on your website, in your marketing collateral, or on your product packaging.

We deliver business excellence with a positive social impact

We deliver business excellence with a positive social impact

We optimize our customers’ business operations while creating sustainable career opportunities for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment such as veterans, former foster youth, and trafficking survivors. 每一天, we prove the value of our inclusive workforce model through operational success across multiple industries.

Packaging and Fulfillment Case Studies

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